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    <querypage qpoffset="10" />
    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20090506031218" timestamp="2009-05-06T03:12:18Z" ns="0" title="ラン" />
        <page value="20090506031412" timestamp="2009-05-06T03:14:12Z" ns="0" title="我示すは怒りの矛先" />
        <page value="20090721181158" timestamp="2009-07-21T18:11:58Z" ns="0" title="付録:名称の語源" />
        <page value="20090721181204" timestamp="2009-07-21T18:12:04Z" ns="0" title="付録:ボルカンの○○殺す集" />
        <page value="20090721181220" timestamp="2009-07-21T18:12:20Z" ns="0" title="付録:目次" />
        <page value="20090906013922" timestamp="2009-09-06T01:39:22Z" ns="0" title="草河遊也画集" />
        <page value="20091024192553" timestamp="2009-10-24T19:25:53Z" ns="0" title="サンレイク鉱山" />
        <page value="20091024192554" timestamp="2009-10-24T19:25:54Z" ns="0" title="月下の頂き" />
        <page value="20091024192556" timestamp="2009-10-24T19:25:56Z" ns="0" title="ラクール湖" />
        <page value="20091024192642" timestamp="2009-10-24T19:26:42Z" ns="0" title="ヘルマン" />